Sunday, December 22, 2013

Pineapple Nut Plate

Here I am again!

Put this together for a snack last night, as I had a pineapple on hand - got it as part of a holiday gift basket at work, a super nice present from my boss, and so I decided to dig into that pineapple!

Those are indeed macadamia nuts speckled throughout the nut mixture, would have been more Hawaiian had they been all macadamias, but you know, cashews and almonds are good too, so I'm not complaining :P

Aaand what you see on the side there, topping it all off, is my version of a poor-man's pina colada. It involves equal parts Cruzan white rum and Polar toasted-coconut seltzer. And I tossed in a "pineapple straw" since I had the option :P Not a bad snack on a lazy Saturday after a sorta small dinner, perfect for unwinding :)

I may post something again before Christmas, or I may not - depends how creative my snacking gets :P If not, Happy Holidays, blogosphere!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lazy Snack Plates

So it's been a while! Sorry for the absence, but not to worry, I have still been eating my lazy somethings here and there. It's been a bit of a lazy couple of months, you could say :P But I did have a couple of snack plates I figured were worth sharing, so here you go!

First up is the more recent of them, sausage and eggs! That's the lazy guy's micro-eggs accompanying leftover chicken-mushroom sausage for a breakfasty take on a nighttime snack. Plus some tomatoes, cause they go with both things :P
Next up we have something I must have thrown together a while ago, cause I forget :P But I did this many a time this past Autumn, munching peppers, turkey, cheese, and mini tomatoes, and I do believe that's not water in that glass but some sort of vodka-seltzer, how very classy :P
And, even though this was months ago, these are some apples I picked at a very Autumny-themed birthday party in October :) Never thought I was going to finish them all (got kinda over-eager at the orchard :P) but I did! These are now long gone, and all were absolutely delicious :) The Golden Delicious were bordering on otherwordly, and there are also some Empire apples in there which were also quite good.
So yeah, just an update, even if a little one, of my last few months of lazying. Hopefully I'll do better in the future :P