Thursday, February 13, 2014

Working-From-Home Chicken Wrap

Another post!

So it has been snowing like crazy in NJ (and pretty much all of the east coast here), and so I have been doing a lot of working from home this past week or so. Trapped by a blizzard again as we speak! But I figured I'd take a lunchtime break to post up something small I fixed myself while doing the home shift the other day:

Just a simple chicken wrap, but it looked fairly picturesque before I folded it up, so I figured I'd take a photo :P Had leftover chicken from the previous night's dinner, and it was actually just the perfect amount! The tomato slices were a nice touch, as I don't usually add tomato on packed lunch :P And an apple on the side with some green tea hit the spot :)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Turkey & Tomato

So I have probably made clear my love of peanut butter and banana sandwiches by now, particularly the open-faced variety - this snack I whipped up whilst working from home this week is sort of the meat-sandwich equivalent I think :P

Was in the mood for something with a good amount of lean protein, but also a bit of carbs for fuel, and didn't feel like making a wrap, as those tend to be more of the sad-desk-lunches :P Only wanting something small, I didn't want to make a closed sandwich, but the usual spinach and arugula would have been too unwieldy on an open one. And turkey on bread by itself seemed lacking...enter tomato slices!
I realize that was a rather length explanation for such a small thing, but hey, the lazy guy puts forth effort in the most random of places :P

The above photo is the one I made during the week, and then just now I decided to go for it again as a post-workout refueling snack - but the added slice of pickle was just too classy not to take another photo of, hehe.