Thursday, February 13, 2014

Working-From-Home Chicken Wrap

Another post!

So it has been snowing like crazy in NJ (and pretty much all of the east coast here), and so I have been doing a lot of working from home this past week or so. Trapped by a blizzard again as we speak! But I figured I'd take a lunchtime break to post up something small I fixed myself while doing the home shift the other day:

Just a simple chicken wrap, but it looked fairly picturesque before I folded it up, so I figured I'd take a photo :P Had leftover chicken from the previous night's dinner, and it was actually just the perfect amount! The tomato slices were a nice touch, as I don't usually add tomato on packed lunch :P And an apple on the side with some green tea hit the spot :)


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  2. This looks pretty darn awesome for a lunch time snack :D Wouldn't mind this myself any day! I also wanna steal that cup...Cosy!

    1. PS. Recipe for Crabocado in the near future? Purrrlease? :D