Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lazy Snack Plates

So it's been a while! Sorry for the absence, but not to worry, I have still been eating my lazy somethings here and there. It's been a bit of a lazy couple of months, you could say :P But I did have a couple of snack plates I figured were worth sharing, so here you go!

First up is the more recent of them, sausage and eggs! That's the lazy guy's micro-eggs accompanying leftover chicken-mushroom sausage for a breakfasty take on a nighttime snack. Plus some tomatoes, cause they go with both things :P
Next up we have something I must have thrown together a while ago, cause I forget :P But I did this many a time this past Autumn, munching peppers, turkey, cheese, and mini tomatoes, and I do believe that's not water in that glass but some sort of vodka-seltzer, how very classy :P
And, even though this was months ago, these are some apples I picked at a very Autumny-themed birthday party in October :) Never thought I was going to finish them all (got kinda over-eager at the orchard :P) but I did! These are now long gone, and all were absolutely delicious :) The Golden Delicious were bordering on otherwordly, and there are also some Empire apples in there which were also quite good.
So yeah, just an update, even if a little one, of my last few months of lazying. Hopefully I'll do better in the future :P

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  1. Mmmmm, these all looks like delicious things to snack upon! The micro-eggs and sausages looks like a perfect little breakfast treat :D
    Welcome back by the way!