Monday, January 20, 2014

Lo-Carb Lazy Dogs

This has become a favorite quick dinner option of mine, on nights such as this Monday when I've been feeling particularly lazy. I've discovered these organic chicken hotdogs that are pretty tasty and only 70 calories each - so I feel free to eat several of em without feeling like I'm overdoing it :P Instead of having each of them on a bun, I just accompany them with a bunch of side items and eat with a knife and fork! Takes just a few minutes on combination cook in the microwave - you can put em right on the rack, or boil em in a glassware container with some water. I've found just placing them on the rack works well, and is perhaps the most lazy-guy-friendly method :P

Here I had them with tomatoes, onions, and pickles, along with some Trader Joe's mustard - I like how you can get a bit of everything on a forkful or try different combinations.
Another option is to add a side of lazy eggs, for a sausage-and-egg-type meal. With these, I had them with Trader Joe's peach salsa, which is sweet, but goes well with the tomato and onion. So there's a fair amount of versatility you can get with these :) Sometimes I'll also have them with jalapeno peppers, or pinto beans. The only thing is, it can be a bit of a sodium-heavy meal, so I make sure to have plenty of water with em.

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