Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tuna on Rye, Big Bear Style

Top o' the weekend to you, blogosphere!

I am fresh off a trip to the Big Bear Natural Foods store, stocked up on all sorts of tasty-but-healthy somethings. First thing I did after getting back was make this:
The tuna is actually Trader Joe's, but the bread is from a newly purchased loaf of pumpernickel rye - got a loaf of just plain rye too, curious to see the difference between em :P But the tomatoes and the tea in the background were also courtesy of Big Bear, so I can thank it for at least 3/4 of my lunch :P And I got some canned chicken and salmon too, so I'll be sure to try those as well :)

I had never been one for canned tuna as a kid, but as I've come to enjoy fish more as I've gotten older, I figured it was time to give it a try! Cause it's packed with protein, comes in a can, and goes great on some hearty bread like this :) Perfect combination of manfuel! Balanced out of course with the flowery-smelling jasmine green tea, but that stuff is freakin tasty :P

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  1. Mmmm this looks great! I am sure you'd love the Lazy Tuna and Laughin Cow pita I posted up a while ago :)
    Big Bear Natural Foods for the win! Oh, and I may also have made your not-so-lazy chili today, will be up on the blog tomorrow if all goes according to plan! x