Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Autumn! Shire Salads for Hobbit Day

So this weekend I got around to whipping up a few more salads, using the plenty of leftovers available in the fridge. For the first one, I used grilled pollock, and tossed in some grape tomatoes and avocado - fish and avocado is always a good combo, reminds me of sushi :P And to top it off, I sprinkled some garlic salt, plus squeezed some juice from a lime that had been left out in the kitchen - lazy man style! This was actually quite tasty, and the flavours did seem to blend pretty nicely.

To follow up, I also made a salad outta some leftover grilled chicken, adding tomato, red onion, and green pepper- hadn't used peppers in a salad before, and it was a nice touch. Like a fajita eaten as a salad :P Each of these took about 5-10 minutes to prepare, and it helped to have a lot of the ingredients on hand as leftovers. Nutrition-wise, each probably contains about 150-200 calories, so just a nice snack to keep you going.

And, in celebration of the arrival of Autumn, here are some of the pumpkins that are in the house now - I always love this time of year! There will definitely be some Autumny-spice-type somethings appearing on here in the near future. The other day while doing a stir fry (which did not make it up here on account of it not being an entirely lazy sort of meal :P), these pumpkins just happened to be right next to the stove, which gave cooking a hearty fall meal a nice touch.

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