Monday, September 23, 2013

Nominated for an Award?!

So I have apparently been nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by my friend and fellow food blogger, Jules, over at Wolf it Down - thanks, Jules! It's an honor, and I'm not sure I have enough content up yet really to merit it, but it's certainly appreciated :) You can read more about the award in her post here. But basically it's for blogs that don't have too many followers yet, and if you're nominated you're supposed to find ten other blogs you like, nominate them, and also answer the 10 questions posed by the person who nominated you!

Now, I don't actually know of any other blogs that fit the criteria myself...but! I had some fun thinking about the answers to these questions, and this is what I came up with:

1. What are three words that best describe you?
I’ll do three positive and three negative :P
  • Positive: Creative, Thoughtful, Logical
  • Negative: Obsessive, Insecure, and of course, Lazy :P
2. Where were you brought up?
In good ol’ New Jersey, the rural part :P

3. What is your favourite band or artist, and why?
Hmmm tough, depending on what I’m in the mood for, but Two Steps From Hell may be my fav instrumental. Also gotta mention Nightwish and Within Temptation.

4. On a rainy day - what would you get up to?
I would get myself a nice hot cup of coffee and some granola, and spend a few hours with the aforementioned music in my ears at my computer doing something creative, preferably writing if the inspiration is flowing :) I’d also be sure to find a few hours to get in some videogames, go for a run, and whip up a few lazy somethings :P

5. What is the best gift you have ever received?
A very hard one, but one thing that comes to mind – for my 21st birthday, back in ’09 *readers begin to do the math* my brother gave me a box full of all sorts of little things that were nostalgic/retro from the 90s – including the bubblegum we got at our regular pizzeria from the time, a Yankees paddleball+raquet, the 2nd season of Doug on DVD, and Pokemon LeafGreen, a remake of the original Red & Blue versions. Awesome theme and great to get that burst of nostalgia. And many, many hours were logged on the Pokemon cartridge :D

6. What is you favourite dish of all time?
All time? Hmm…this is quite tough. In general, sushi is my go-to fav food, but that’s more a category than a particular dish…currently my favorite dish is this Mediterranean chicken with red peppers, tomatoes, and olives, a recipe my mom and I found and modified :)

7. If you were to bake one cake - which one would it be?
When I was in the 4th grade, I actually had a phase where I would frequently bake cakes. It was always this one called Starlight Cake, simple vanilla with chocolate icing. So it’d probably be that one. Although I try to eat healthier now, so I might experiment with some alternative ingredients.

8. Do you have a top three list of your favourite places to eat?
East Tokyo Sushi (even though they changed their name, I’m still calling it this – the place I celebrate pretty much every birthday/graduation/anything)
Hmm after that, I don’t have any real regular spots. But there is a nice collection of restaurants in the town nearest me, so it’s fun to try new ones there :)

9. What is your favourite post on your blog, and why?
Well, there aren’t many yet, but I’ll go with the micro-eggs. They were tasty, photo came out ok, and I like the name :P

10. Where do you find inspiration?
I tend to find inspiration in nature. Sometimes just taking a look at the trees and sky outside my window puts me in the perfect creative zone. And walking or jogging on a nice day is like 10x that. I also get a lot of inspiration listening to music, so combining both of those things puts me in a nice place :)

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  1. Ah! That is brilliant! I was so happy to see you'd answered the questions, aaaand they were pretty good too :) I love when people give heartfelt presents like that, that takes you back years and years!
    Do you have the recipe for that Starlight Cake by the way? Would love to try and make it some day!
    X J