Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Leftover Chicken Salad

So this was my lunch on Sunday. It was actually fairly easy to throw together, because I had...leftover chicken! So I pretty much just cut up a few slices and tossed in some fruit and nuts.

Not too long ago, I had this awesome salad at a restaurant that had chicken, apples, grapes, walnuts, and goat cheese (or feta cheese? I forget), plus a cool vinaigrette drizzle. And it came with tortilla chips even. I had been wanting to make something similar myself, and when I realized I finally had chicken, apples, and grapes all at the same time, I figured it was a good opportunity to make it.

This is definitely the lazy man's version though, no cheese or vinaigrette drizzle, but it still ended up pretty tasty for something quick. Which I suppose is the point :P

  • 1/2 chicken breast, leftover, sliced, served cold
  • spinach and arugula
  • a few grapes, cut in halves - plus some more on the side :)
  • about 1/4 of an apple, sliced into small pieces - larger slices on the side as well
  • just a bit of walnuts crumbled all over - this lazy guy took from the bottom of the container, where the walnuts were pre-crumbled :P
Time to make: Like 10 minutes maybe? And only if you painstakingly (or OCD-ishly) cut the fruit into tiny pieces like I did.

Nutrition: probably about 300 calories if you include the rest of the apple and cup of grapes on the side. For the salad itself, closer to just 175-200.

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  1. Mmmm looks delicious! Such a simple and tasty munch! Oh! And is that a penguin mug I see?